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Cantex Continuing Care Network

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Cantex Continuing Care Network represents a unified, seamless pathway of compassionate care and medical excellence, aimed at complete recovery beginning the moment a patient is released from the hospital. Our integrated network of healthcare services includes transitional care, rehabilitation, chronic care, home health services, hospice and pharmacy, all centered on the patient.


To provide excellent outcomes and value across the full spectrum of continuing care services.

Chronic Care

Cantex’s chronic care programs are designed to support patients requiring long-term clinical assistance allowing them to focus on their quality of life.


Our transitional care services provide patients with a rehabilitative plan of care designed to return them home at the earliest possible time. Our goal is to prevent re-injury or relapse and reduce the chance of re-hospitalization.

Hospice Care

Cantex hospice services are committed to enhancing the quality of life for terminally ill patients and their loved ones through an integrated program of comfort and pain management, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual support. Team members include a physician, registered nurse, social worker, aide, counselors, chaplain and volunteers.