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BlueForce Healthcare Staffing

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As a nationally recognized healthcare staffing management firm, BlueForce assists a wide variety of Healthcare Clients, including hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. With census fluctuations and seasonal changes, BlueForce recognizes the challenges that our clients face in balancing their budgets and keeping their facilities fully staffed.

By providing Skilled Nurses, Allied Personnel, Clerical and Service Employees, our Clients are able to continue their vital operations in the provision of high quality patient care.

For Shorter-Term needs, BlueForce recommends utilizing a Rapid Response approach. This is a fast-paced, higher-cost solution for meeting immediate or sudden staffing increases. We utilize direct billing for this for travel and housing costs.

For Long-Term (Traditional Staffing) needs, BlueForce will gladly assume this structure and model utilizing an All-Inclusive bill rate, allowing customers to accurately forecast the actual cost of bringing in travel staff over the long haul.

Our goal at BlueForce is to establish a solid foundation with our clients and offer personalized and facility-specific communications. We like working directly with Nurse Managers and providing weekly updates, or we can maintain a relationship at the management level and allow our clients to disperse the information as they see fit. We remain available 24/7 to our clients and healthcare professionals and are excited to try to solve any staffing problem that is presented to us.


Travellers are eligible for Benefits Day 1 of the month, following 30 days of hire (example: If Hired today 5/12/16, employee would be eligible for benefits July 1st). We offer Medical, Dental and Vision. There is a Flex plan for spending as well. Travellers become eligible for 401k enrolment after 1 year of continuous work with our company.

For Employers

BlueForce Healthcare Staffing offers a unique benefit to our prospective clients, in the fact that we are a division of a much larger company that handles Large Scale, Time Sensitive Deployments. Our company would be a great resource for projects that would require a large influx of staff for a short period of time. We have had success staffing Seasonal Census Fluctuations, Labour Disputes, Charting Conversions, Rapid Response and Traditional Travel. As a result, we have a very diverse database of Healthcare Professionals.

We are big on planning and logistics. It is always much better to have a plan in place and not need to use it, than to wait until the last minute and scramble to pull a project together. If you are a client who can see a potential staffing crisis on the horizon and you want to discuss your options, please give us a call and connect with one of our experienced Crisis Staffing Consultants.

We have contracted with a number of Master Service Providers recently as our business has continued to expand. While this is the norm, we feel we want to contract directly with as many Hospital Clients as possible. The speed at which this industry operates is hard to keep up with sometimes. If there was one request that our company would have of our prospective clients, it would be to Review and Screen submitted candidates as quickly as possible. So often, we have submitted a candidate and the Nurse Manager, or Hiring Manager has failed to screen the candidate in a timely manner.