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Bayside Solutions

Bayside opened its doors back in 2001, eager to change the face of the staffing industry.  For years, we watched our competitors use rigid service models that were convenient and profitable for them – whether or not they delivered the right solutions for their clients.

Bayside took a fundamentally different approach.

We broke out of the mold of traditional staffing and consulting firms, creating a company that’s flexible and nimble. One that eliminates “corporate” red tape and enables us to deliver intelligent solutions that solve real business problems.

As a result, everything we do supports building strong relationships.  We are vertically focused, only serving a few industries. We design flexible solutions that effectively address our clients’ and contractors’ needs, initiatives and goals.  We execute a relationship-based business philosophy based on our TACIT Values – the inherent principles of Trust, Accountability, Consistency, Integrity and Teamwork that guide everything we do.

Simply put, we understand the value of solid relationships – the confidence that comes with knowing you have a partner you can really trust. One that will go the extra mile to make your business or career more successful.  One that’s honest.  Ethical.  Respectful – and, yes, kind.

12 years later, we’ve evolved from a humble staffing service, to an industry-leading provider of staff augmentation and consulting services – with an executive team boasting 70 years of combined industry experience.  We’re stronger than ever, servicing every major metropolitan city in the United States.

To this day, nothing makes us happier than delivering intelligent solutions that help our clients and contractors thrive – because to us, recruiting is personal.  We’ve raised the bar in workforce solutions, and you should never accept anything less.


“Recruiting is personal” is more than just a tagline for us – it drives every interaction we have with you.  We hire people – not resumes.  So here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

    Personal attention.  Get the undivided attention of an experienced recruiter who’s an expert in your field.  During your one-on-one interview, we’ll assess your interests, experience, career goals and work preferences, and discuss positions or assignments that may be right for you.

    Better opportunities.  We won’t just put you in a job; we’ll match you with an opportunity you’re passionate about.  Work for top employers throughout Northern California – and across the nation.
    Honest, clear communication.  We’ll represent positions accurately, keep in touch while you’re on assignment and live up to our commitments to you.  If we say we’re going to call, you can take it to the bank.  And if your skills don’t align with our clients’ needs, we won’t string you along.

    Respect.  Finding rewarding work that meets your needs can be stressful.  But no matter what challenges you face, we’ll treat you the way we’d like to be treated – with integrity, open communication, and, yes – kindness.

Work with an organization that makes recruiting personal.