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American Republic Insurance Services

Private Insurance

The time has never been better to begin building a business through American Republic Insurance Services. With 76.4 million baby boomers1, the need for experts in health insurance and retirement planning has never been greater. If you qualify, you'll have the strength and support of the American Republic Insurance Services organization behind you.

American Republic Insurance Services was established to serve the needs of the retirement market through advice, service and products. Our organization of highly-skilled insurance representatives work with several top-rated, financially strong insurance companies allowing them to tailor their recommendations to their clients. American Republic Insurance Services is an affiliate of American Enterprise, a financially strong organization with companies that have been doing business since 1929.
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Our Vision

To be the organization clients rely on to protect their retirement by providing valuable information, trusted advice and quality products delivered by skilled representatives focused on the life and health insurance needs of retirees.

Working With Us

of American Republic Insurance Services build their reputations and careers by
being trusted advisors and helping their clients plan a secure retirement. To
support you in building your expertise,  we offer:

  • Education programs focused on the issues faced by retirees
  • In-depth training on Medicare and other government and
    private insurance programs
  • Marketing training to assist you in building your business
  • Sales training programs to help increase your sales
  • Product training to help you meet your clients' needs

Contact Us

PO Box 14568
Des Moines, IA 50306-9311
Phone: 1-800-954-3301