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American Customer Care, Inc.

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American Customer Care specializes in providing individualized contact with your customers, including multilingual capabilities and specialized knowledge skills. We maximize your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to make each of your programs as profitable as possible.

Founded in 1986, the American Customer Care culture is rooted in the belief that exceptional performance is a function of exceptional people, exceptional tools, exceptional training, exceptional measurement, and most importantly, exceptional expectations.

Our call centers are located in the heartland of America where outstanding work ethic and strong moral character comes with the territory. American Customer Care infuses state-of-the-art contact center technology into these locations, creating a powerful combination of the right talent and the right technology, which is difficult for our competitors to match.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service at the most competitive price possible, allowing you to focus on managing your business rather than managing your vendor. At the center of every business is the customer. Servicing and retaining that customer is of the utmost importance if a business is to become or remain successful.


American Customer Care offers a comprehensive suite of customer contact center solutions designed to help solidify and enhance your relationship with existing customers, as well as acquire new ones.

We have the insight, adaptability, technology, capacity, and know-how to personally interact with your customers via any channel.

In addition, our clients also enjoy related back office support, CRM consulting, executive level project oversight, sophisticated reporting capabilities, and exceptional operations expertise that come with our experienced management team.

Our agents are Brand Ambassadors who are experts on your products, customers, policies and procedures.

Whatever service they’re providing for your company, our commitment to your brand comes through every interaction we have with your customers whether it be on the phone, over email, or even via social media.

We offer a full array of inbound and outbound contact center services, including traditional live agent inbound telemarketing support and home-based agents, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), social media, outbound business-to-business, and market research programs.

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American Customer Care
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