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Accelerated Learning Solutions


The Florida High School for Accelerated Learning is a brand new charter school managed by Accelerated Learning Solutions (ALS). Schools are available to Broward and Lee County residents. The educational program offers an individualized program for each student to progress at an appropriate pace based on his/her individual learning needs. Accordingly, the major focus of the School’s curriculum directly aligns with its mission of personalized, basic, and enhanced learning opportunities for students in grades 9-12, ages 16-21 whose parents, or the students themselves as young adults, have opted for an alternative education. This educational option uses a teacher-directed, mastery-based, and technology-enhanced learning model focused on each student’s individual educational needs.

The teachers and staff are prepared to (and the technology-enhanced curricula designed to) ensure that students have mastered the current content, lesson, activity, or module before advancing to the next step/level. Our teacher-directed curriculum is designed to teach students the core academic subjects (reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science) as well as the skills they need to become responsible adult citizens, such as vocational skills, daily living skills, and socio-personal skills.

The School’s targeted population consists mainly of dropouts and/or those who are perilously close to dropping out. Diverse learning styles of at-risk students require and demand a variety of instructional and delivery methods. The School’s philosophy is to provide students who are academically-challenged an innovative and alternative approach to learning. Thus, the program offers parents/students another tuition-free educational choice within the local school district’s public school system.


Medical, dental, vision, 401K retirement participation, life insurance, paid leave, prescription drug plans, competitive salary scales, tuition assistance, promotional opportunities, and so much more!!


A Team Focused on Academic Success

The Accelerated Learning Solutions team is dedicated to improving the lives of students and their families by offering students a second chance at earning a High School Diploma. Each team member has an opportunity and an obligation to help each student achieve his or her dreams. We are committed to the belief that all children can learn and we are focused on meeting each student’s individual needs. If you like a fast-paced environment where you can make a difference, this is the place for you.