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33 Newton

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Water boils at 33 degrees on the Newton scale. When water boils it creates steam which is used to generate 90% of the world’s electricity. At 33 degrees steam can power an entire planet. Here at 33 Newton we thrive on the philosophy that its that tiny degree of effort that can make the difference between powering a planet or just having some really hot water. We incorporate this philosophy into every aspect of our business, from our service to our client, coaching and training our account executives to building social equity in the community.

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At 33º Newton Inc. we follow three core principles.

1. Positive energy yields positive results.

2. Be prepared- There is no such thing as luck. Luck is where Preparation meets reality. If you push hard enough against the world the world will eventually push back. be prepared even when others are not.

3. Service the clients needs with honesty and integrity to ensure they get 100% return on their investment.

33º Newton Inc. is a lot like like paint by Numbers. A person doesn’t have to be Picasso do to get a really great painting if they follow the system given to them.

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33º Newton, Inc.2300 Vartan Way

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