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Looking for a government career?

Check out these top federal jobs
Lori Michelle Ryan, JIST Publishing

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Finding and obtaining any job with the federal government can be tough, but how do you know which are the most promising positions to seek? Laurence Shatkin's new book, "150 Best Federal Jobs," breaks down the top federal jobs into several categories, including demographics, career clusters, geography and personality type.

Shatkin also offers the top federal jobs overall, based on a score calculated by pay, growth and number of openings. "This means that some jobs with low pay and modest growth but a high number of openings appear higher on the list than some jobs with higher pay and modest growth but a low number of openings," Shatkin explains in the book. "A 'right' job for you could be anywhere on this list."

The federal government has projected a 10 percent increase in employment through 2018 and offers good salaries and benefits, job security and flexible work schedules throughout the country. See which positions Shatkin ranked as the 10 best federal jobs:

1. Financial examiners
Annual earnings: $101,770
Percent growth: 41.5 percent
Annual openings: 260

2. Air traffic controllers
Annual earnings: $113,840
Percent growth: 10.7 percent
Annual openings: 780

3. Lawyers
Annual earnings: $131,410
Percent growth: 8.4 percent
Annual openings: 960

4. Detectives and criminal investigators
Annual earnings: $73,320
Percent growth: 29.8 percent
Annual openings: 1,160

5. Computer and information research scientists
Annual earnings: $99,730
Percent growth: 19.5 percent
Annual openings: 200

6. Social scientists and related workers
Annual earnings: $75,540
Percent growth: 19.3 percent
Annual openings: 800

7. Accountants and auditors
Annual earnings: $87,730
Percent growth: 11.1 percent
Annual openings: 740

8. Aerospace engineers
Annual earnings: $109,190
Percent growth: 12 percent
Annual openings: 200

9. Logisticians
Annual earnings: $76,000
Percent growth: 17.8 percent
Annual openings: 730

10. Political scientists
Annual earnings: $113,050
Percent growth: 18.4 percent
Annual openings: 120

Lori Michelle Ryan is the marketing communications specialist at JIST Publishing, America's Career Publisher. In this role, she helps job seekers, career changers, students and working professionals develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the job market and world of work.

Last Updated: 19/12/2011 - 3:36 PM

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