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Start Your Customer Service Career

Back to basics: Skills to start your customer service career

The requirement "excellent customer service skills" often seems vague to applicants, and can vary from company to company. Here, we've broken down the basics when it comes to good customer service skills and practices.​
Project Management Skills

Project Management skills: key for HVAC mechanics and installers

To be successful you have to know how to effectively tackle multiple projects at once, and you can't always prioritize them in the order they were received.
Emergency Management

Why do hosts and hostesses need emergency management skills?

Having emergency preparedness and crisis management skills doesn't mean you need to be an expert in every disaster scenario; however, including these key skills and certifications on your resume will make you stand out as a qualified candidate.
Social media screening

70% of employers are snooping candidates’ social media profiles

Find out why employers are searching your social profiles - and what they're looking for.
Work Your Way Through School

Work your way through school debt-free with these 4 skills

Many students turn to the worlds of retail, customer service, and hospitality during their college careers. These jobs offer flexible hours, which means they can earn money at night and on the weekends when they're not studying.
Glossary common job search terms

A glossary of recruiting terms every job seeker should know

Get insight into the candidate selection and hiring process by learning common terms employers and recruiters use.
Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Get ahead: Earn your commercial driver's license

In addition to being highly practical, a commercial driver's license is a certification you should list on your resume to bolster your qualifications when applying for a variety of jobs.
What Are Problem-Solving Skills and Why Are They Important?

What are problem-solving skills and why are they important?

Problem-solving is a universal job skill that applies to any position and every industry. While everyone is tasked with some form of problem-solving in their workplace, not all employees are good at it.

A look at the bookkeeper career path

While many financially minded individuals enjoy long careers as bookkeepers, others gain experience in bookkeeping before pursuing other roles in finance.
Printing Press Operators

Jobs in Flux: prepress technicians and printing workers

Prepress and printing jobs are likely to grow scarce – however, the specific skills of these technicians are transferable and in demand for several other industries and positions.