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Saint Luke's Cardiovascular Consultants


Saint Luke’s Cardiovascular Consultants is the premier place for Cardiovascular Care in the Kansas City Area. Our physicians and staff are at the top of their sub specialty cardiac fields and lead the way in groundbreaking research. With 10 locations and over 45 years of practice experience, our goal is to provide the highest quality care and work together to evaluate options and discuss care with you where you feel most comfortable.


Saint Luke's Cardiovascular Consultants, one of the largest cardiology practices in the Kansas City area is pleased you have chosen to explore employment with our organization. Saint Luke's Cardiovascular Consultants is an equal opportunity employer.


Cardiovascular Consultants is a medical practice that specializes exclusively in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of cardiac and vascular diseases and conditions. What makes us different is our approach to your care.Our medical team consists of both board-certified clinical cardiologists as well as physicians certified in specialty areas of cardiology including:

  • Intervention cardiology - from cardiac catheterization to angioplasty to heart transplants.
  • Echocardiography - specialized imaging for congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart muscle function, valvular heart disease and peripheral vascular disease.
  • Nuclear cardiology - specialized imaging for coronary artery disease and ventricular function, identification of specific areas of heart muscle damage and assistance in defining a course of treatment.
  • Preventive cardiology - the evaluation of risk factors and the management of patients at high risk for heart disease, as well as patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Electrophysiology - the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac rhythm conditions.

This means that you are treated by professionals who specialize not just in cardiology, but in the specific area of cardiology that your care requires. We work our schedule to fit your condition.

When you are referred to our practice, we work with your physician to determine which of our physicians you should see. In most cases, your first appointment will be scheduled with the specific physician on the Cardiovascular Consultants staff that is most appropriate for your needs, based on the findings of your primary care physician. In some circumstances, another Cardiovascular Consultants physician may see you first. The information and test results from that visit will be relayed to the other physicians on our staff for follow-up care. Our objective is for you to be seen promptly by the physician best suited to begin your treatment program immediately.

We believe that quality care can be cost-effective. Medical care can be expensive, and specialty care can be very expensive. This is why Cardiovascular Consultants is constantly working to find new, innovative ways for to offer the highest quality care in the most cost-effective manner. Our physicians and staff are routinely called upon by insurance companies, the American Medical Association, the American College of Cardiology and other leading groups for advice on balancing cost and quality to ensure that specialty care is always within the financial reach of patients.

Our physicians are leading the research projects that are shaping the future of cardiology. Cardiovascular Consultants draws the best and brightest physicians because our practice has a tradition of encouraging participation in research projects. This research has helped define the practice of cardiology today, and is guiding how it will be practiced in the future. Our physicians discover, and our patients benefit.


Thank you for choosing Cardiovascular Consultants for your healthcare needs. We greatly appreciate your allowing us to care for you and your family. We strive to treat our patients with respect, courtesy and compassion.

If you have a medical question, please call one of our Kansas City metro offices at (816)931-1883.