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Resume Upgrade

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Resume Upgrade has been discontinued. CareerBuilder is looking at even better ways to enhance your job search. Thanks for exploring CareerBuilder’s tools and services.

You may be wondering…

  1. Will my resume still get preferred placement for better visibility?

    Yes, your resume will get preferred placement for the duration of your subscription. (30 calendar days from the time of purchase.)

  2. What if I already purchased a Platinum or Titanium Resume Upgrade?

    You will still have the ability to see which employers viewed your resume.

  3. What other CareerBuilder services can give my job search a boost?

    We are dedicated to making you the most informed job seeker possible. Please take a look at Hire Insider. Hire Insider allows you to manage your job applications and get real-time stats on your competition –all for free!

If you have any more questions, please contact our job seeker customer service line at 866.438.1485. Customer Service: 866-438-1485 - Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - House Rules
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