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Which Resume is right for you?


“I am encouraging my colleagues to update their resumes if it’s been awhile. It was an eye opening experience. Who knew I looked so good on paper if I do say so myself!!” ~Barbara B., unemployed job seeker in health care

“I felt as if the resume writer had a personal interest in ensuring that I succeed within my career- and I did! I had a professional resume writer assist me in moving from one promotion to the next.” ~Courtney S., employed job seeker in education & training

Put your resume to work.

Whether you're actively searching for a job or casually browsing, your resume is the key to connecting you with potential employers. But sometimes knowing how to present the best version of yourself to a recruiter or hiring manager can leave you stumped. That’s where we can help.
Give you one-on-one service with a certified, professional resume writer who specializes in your desired industry.
Help your resume become keyword-rich and make your resume more relevant in employer searches.
Increase your odds of being seen for the right jobs: Our resumes average 4x more views than a standard user-submitted resume.

For Employers: Are you looking for outplacement services? Visit CBTransitions

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