Customer Service and Restaurant Experience Wanted! FULL TIME
Job Description

Tired of working in restaurant, retail or hospitality?

Sick of working long weekends?
Are you ready to start your career?


Capital City Consulting is looking for quality full time individuals with experience in restaurant, retail or hospitality to train and advance through our sales / ​management training program.​ This entry level full time candidate must have a positive and enthusiastic demeanor and work well in a strong team environment.

In order for our organization to prosper, we are aggressively seeking talented, outgoing individuals who are searching for an opportunity to quickly work their way from ENTRY-LEVEL into a position in MANAGEMENT, overseeing campaigns for our clients and managing a staff of 15+ employees

​ We are looking for candidates with experience in either retail, restaurant or hospitality. Our position involves one on one sales interaction with customer’s full time.​

This is an ENTRY LEVEL FULL TIME position.​ We are looking to train in: sales, campaign development and business operations.​ We look for full time individuals with experience in restaurant, retail, customer service or hospitality.

Capital City Consulting ​is now offering full time positions at the entry level for sales and marketing.​ We are looking for people with diverse backgrounds in restaurant, retail, customer service or hospitality.​ If you are tired of working in the restaurant, hospitality or retail business, use your experience and switch fields.​ We are only meeting with candidates that want a career, so please only apply if you are serious about making the change.​

Responsibilities at the Entry Level include:

  • Assisting in the daily operations of our company 
  • Assisting in new business acquisition for our client
  • Developing strong leadership skills among our employees
  • Managing external customers' needs 

We are constantly looking to surround ourselves full time with the most profitable clients, the most charismatic people, and the most ambitious full time managers.​ We treat our full time employees as future partners and we know we are all more effective when we are equipped with the right training and knowledge.​

Job Requirements

Qualified candidates must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills and a high level of professionalism and integrity. Public speaking skills for presenting to groups are a plus.

  • Must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity
  • Experience with public speaking for presenting to groups a plus
  • Demonstrated leadership ability
  • Demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, high-energy, full time environment 
  • Ambition, strong work ethic, and willingness to learn 
  • A desire to work in a team-based environment
  • Experience in restaurant, retail or hospitality

Employees who achieve promotions into management at Capital City Consulting are:

  • Highly coachable team players
  • Willing to follow a proven training and support system designed to help employees achieve their goals
  • Team player

Company Overview

At Capital City Consulting, Inc., our focus is on providing the best services possible for our Fortune 500 clients. Our clients are looking for an innovative approach in marketing, advertising, and sales. We enhance the brand image and reputation for our clients through face-to-face sales presentations with integrity and professionalism. By focusing our efforts on a direct, relationship-based marketing approach, we are able to bring our clients life-long customers with increased brand recognition. Through our approach, we supply speed to their markets and provide a 100% return on investment.

As a dominant market leader it’s difficult for other companies to match our capabilities. We are proud of the success we have had in becoming the leading choice of larger corporations for their marketing research, new customer acquisition, and customer retention needs. At Capital City Consulting, Inc. we focus on being the best at what we do by adapting to each individual client’s needs. With the proven track record of success we have separated ourselves as a top performer in the industry.

Our direct marketing techniques have enabled us to generate huge success for our clients. Our professionals have the ability to represent our clients in a manner that is above all competition. Our goal is to continue expanding and opening more offices to accommodate our clients’ growing needs, and provide more opportunity for our employees.

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