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The following email message has been reported to the Trust and Site Security Team.

This is a Phishing scam and is attempting to gather credentials and possibly infect computer systems with malware. This message should be disregarded and deleted at this time. Do not click on any links within the email message.

Please be sure you have all anti-virus/anti-malware software definitions up to date. It is also recommended that you have the latest security patches for your computer's operating system. If you have clicked on the link, please run a malware scan for your entire computer system as a precautionary measure.

Subject Lines in the phony messages include:

Subject: CareerBuilder Security [Job Seeker Name]
Subject: CareerBuilder Account Notify [Job Seeker Name]
Subject: CareerBuilder Alert [Job Seeker Name]
Subject: CareerBuilder Software Update [Job Seeker Name]
Subject: Security issue,
Subject: CareerBuilder Update [Job Seeker Name
Subject: CareerBuilder Security Update
Subject: CareerBuilder Notify
Subject: Your CareerBuilder Account

Sample phishing email message: