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CB Advertising

Why CareerBuilder for Recruitment Marketing?

CareerBuilder candidates are highly engaged with the content and information as they are researching opportunities to make their next career move. Our advanced targeting technology allows your company to be front and center to your desired audience. These fully branded and engaging ads not only increase your employment brand awareness but they also encourage relevant candidates to take action and learn more about your opportunities.

Targeting Capabilities

  • Geography (DMA & State Level)
  • 50+ categories (i.e. Healthcare, IT, Engineering, etc.)
  • Demographic targeting including: Degree Level Completed, Ethnicity/Diversity, Age, Income, Gender
  • Military Background

Why CareerBuilder for Education Marketing?

CareerBuilder users are looking to improve their lives through a better career. However, often there is a gap between the education that a user has and the education needed for the job they want. This is the Zero Moment of Truth, when a user realizes in order to improve their life they need additional education. Put your institution front and center, being the first brand to be considered when starting the search for more education.

Targeting Capabilities

  • Demographic targeting including: Degree Level Completed, Ethnicity/Diversity, Age, Income, Gender
  • Job Categories
  • 50+ categories including Nursing/Healthcare, IT, Engineering, Education & HR

Self-Serve Banner Advertising Portal

CareerBuilder’s Banner Advertising Portal is a self-service platform that allows you to bid for impressions against targets such as job category, degree level completed & geography, and pay only when your ad serves on the site. Unit pricing is market driven and bid based. You can control your ad spend, assign a budget and set up multiple creatives to track which ones performs best - click here to start

Additional Information

  • Ongoing Measurement: 24/7 Access to Reporting and Campaign Stats
  • Budgetary Adherence: Set bid and budget limits. No risk of overspend
  • Bids are on a CPM basis with additional unit pricing options once started
  • Please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari when using this platform

If you have any advertising questions, please click here