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As per our terms and conditions, when a JobSeeker is signed up with Careerbuilder, they have agreed to receive solicited emails pertaining to job offers, even if those jobs are not related to their profession.

If you are receiving excessive emails from a certain firm and wish to block them permanently, please go to the bottom of the original email and click on the link that reads 'Block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails'.

If you feel as though the person contacting you is fraudulent or the email does not pertain to a job offer, we will be more than happy to have our Trust and Site Security Team investigate the situation. Please send an Email to the Trust and Site Security Team at

CareerBuilder also offers three privacy options to fit your needs. When posting a resume, you can select from Standard, Anonymous and Private.

  • Standard - offers the most visibility to the broadest employer audience possible
  • Anonymous - hide your contact information, but employers can still contact you anonymously via 'Send Email' button
  • Private - your resume is not searchable to employers, but you can use it to apply to job postings

Please see the article on privacy options to learn more.

In our Advanced Search feature, you may select how you want to use the keywords in your search. If you select 'Any of these words', you will see jobs that contain at least one of the keywords you listed. If you select 'All of these words', the resulting jobs must contain all of the keywords you listed. Advanced Searching Operators:

In addition to the Advanced Search options on, you can use special keywords and characters to narrow and fine tune your search to listing with a certain word in their title or in the body of the listing.

These keywords and characters can be quite useful in making a more specific query without having to navigate into the Advanced Search forms.

  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Job Requirements
  • Company name allows a number of advanced operators to construct keyword queries and phrases. The following operators allow you to build phrases, and include or exclude specific terms or phrases in your query:

Character(s) Example Description
"" "design engineer" Results will contain the phrase "design engineer" in any of the searchable fields.
+ +design Results must include the term "design". You can create a more complex query by stringing along a sequence of terms. For example, "+design +engineer" will find results that include both the term "design" and the term "engineer". Using the + character is equivalent to using the Boolean and between single terms. By default, assumes the use of the + operator.
- "health care" - nurses Results will include pages with information on "health care" excluding the term "nurses". using the - character is equivalent to using the Boolean and not between single terms supports keyword shortcuts for searching document titles and content. You can also use special keywords in your search to find documents with a certain words in their titles or in any of the searchable text fields of the documents. Currently the only keyword supported is 'jobtitle'. If this keyword is not used all searchable text fields including job title are compared against the entered search criteria.

You can enter the Web ID anywhere on the site that allows you to enter "Keywords" and then click on "Find Jobs". Web ID's are used primarily by CareerBuilder newspaper partners or companies with large amounts of jobs listed on our site. From the Home page:

And most other pages will also have this search field at the top of them as well:

If you are not able to find the Wed ID, it may because the job is no longer available, may have expired or may not have yet been entered into the system by the newspaper. If this occurs you can check back with the site at a later date or contact Customer Service at 866.438.1485.

While we are not a traditional recruitment company, we do offer many free services on our website that can help you find jobs where sponsorships for a visa and work permits for the US are available.

In our "Find Jobs" section, we recommend using the words "H1 Visa" in your "Keywords" search in the screenshot below. This should cause any job listings that mention the H1 work visa to appear, and then you can apply to the job by clicking on the "Apply Now" option.

After registering, you can also post your resume on our site, allowing employers/recruiters to find and contact you. To post your resume, click the "Post Resume" link at the top of any CareerBuilder JobSeeker page. Indicate that you're not currently authorized to work in the U.S. but put in the body of your resume that you're interested in a visa and work permit.

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