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The following reports go into detail about important topics that help you attract, engage or retain your # 1 asset — your people.

  • America's Job Outlook: Occupational Projections 2013-2017America's Job Outlook: Occupational Projections 2013-2017

    Job growth in the United States from 2013 through 2017 is projected to grow at a rate slightly faster than the preceding post-recession years, but for certain occupations and metropolitan areas, the outlook is much brighter.Read more...
  • Upward Mobility: The Opportunities and Advantages of Mobile RecruitmentUpward Mobility: The Opportunities and Advantages of Mobile Recruitment

    In the simplest of terms, mobile recruiting is the ability to market to prospective talent with or on a mobile device. On a deeper level, mobile recruiting is also about opportunity – the opportunity to connect with job seekers anywhere, and at any time; provide a better candidate experience; streamline your own process; and engage job seekers in entirely new and unique ways. Read more...
  • Strategically AlignedPeak Posting Performance: Best Practices for Writing a Job Posting

    Never underestimate the power of a job posting. As the first point of contact most candidates have with a potential employer, a job posting can make or break a candidates' impression of a company. Use this free guide to create the kind of Job Postings that attract qualified, relevant candidates and compel them to apply to your open positions. Read more...
  • Mission-Critical RecruitmentCandidate Behavior: Today's Candidates are Changing the Rules of Recruiting

    Savvy candidates treat job search like any other majorpurchase by learning as much about a job or company as they can before decidingto click apply. The experience employers provide job seekers through therecruitment process is something candidates will evaluate, engage with, andaccept or reject, ultimately deciding whether or not to "make a purchase." Read more...
  • Mission-Critical RecruitmentMission-Critical Recruitment

    With their military background, extensive training, specialized skills and breadth of experience, veterans bring many unique elements to the workforce. This guide is designed for human resource professionals, hiring managers and recruiters who want to better their search for trained, reliable talent by jump-starting a new military recruiting and retention program or improving an existing one. Read more...
  • Strategically AlignedSmall Business Seeks Big Talent

    CareerBuilder's small business hiring guide takes a modern twist on a classic recruitment strategy. Learn what things like continuous recruiting, talent pipelining, onboarding and compensation strategies have to do with your small business – and how you can implement them into your hiring process today. Read more...
  • Strategically AlignedStrategically Aligned

    The 2012 Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition Guide
  • Streaming TalentStreaming Talent: Using Online Video to Create a Virtual Candidate Experience, Differentiate Your Company and Recruit Top Talent

    As the fastest growing medium for consuming content, online video enables companies the opportunity to differentiate themselves in the eyes of talent. Use this e-book as your guide to creating engaging, effective online recruitment videos. Read more...
  • From Q&A to Z: The Hiring Manager's Complete Interviewing GuideFrom Q&A to Z: The Hiring Manager's Complete Interviewing Guide

    Few things are as critical to the hiring process as the interview. This process informs the decisions you make to capture the right talent and move your organization forward. Use this eBook as a guide to going from conducting your best interviews, to making your greatest hiring decisions. Read more...
  • Your Company's Open Position as a Consumer Product ReportYour Company's Open Position as a Consumer Product Report

    Realize it or not, the experience you provide candidates throughout the job search process is something they will consider, evaluate, engage with, and accept or reject, ultimately deciding whether or not to "buy" from you. This CareerBuilder report explores the behavior and mindset of the modern-day candidate as he or she moves through the job search experience much like they would a consumer purchase, and shares ways for you to be strategically involved at every step. Read more...
  • 2011 Diversity in the Workplace Report2011 Diversity in the Workplace Report

    CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,500 diverse workers to gauge how their work experience has evolved with their growing proportions in the U.S. workforce. The survey findings point to continued inequalities between diverse and non-diverse segments in pay, career advancement and feelings of discrimination. At the same time, certain diverse segments ranked higher than non-diverse workers in compensation, reflecting a movement toward better equality in the workplace. Read more...
  • Retention and Health Care OrganizationsRetention and Health Care Organizations

    CareerBuilder surveyed health care workers to better understand the job challenges they face uncovering lack of advancement, work overload, poor salary, too few staff, and poor organizational culture were the top challenges for these health care workers. This unbiased glimpse into what workers are really feeling offers a rare opportunity to prepare for the anticipated growth of health care jobs. Read more...
  • Social Media eBookEmployment Branding eBook

    CareerBuilder's employment branding eBook, "Start Branding: Creating an Employment Brand that Increases Engagement, Retention – and the Bottom Line" is your guide to understanding how your employment brand is your greatest resource when it comes to recruiting and retaining your greatest asset – your people. Read more...
  • Social Media eBookSocial Media eBook

    This eBook is about how to use social media for talent recruitment. From how to start and where to begin to best practices and troubleshooting, let this eBook introduce you to a whole new way to attract and retain top talent. Read more...
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