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MAXIMIZE: Optimize Your Process

It's not only smart to continually look for the best ways to recruit your future employees and retain your current employees; it's essential. Once you find out where candidates think you are lacking in your recruitment process, it's much easier to construct a plan to optimize your process, experience less application drop-off, improve your reputation in the eyes of candidates, and reach those candidates you've been losing. And once you know where you're lacking as an employer, it's much easier to direct your efforts effectively, add efficiency to your internal recruitment processes, and increase retention of your valued employees.

Improve Your Process

  • Applicant Experience

    Measure your application experience and post-application interactions. We survey candidates who apply to your jobs, giving you powerful insight into the unbiased opinions of your applicants, including those who dropped out of the process.

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  • Online Video Interviews

    Enjoy the convenience of a face-to-face interview without the travel costs and scheduling conflicts. Invite your top candidates to submit a recorded interview, and review at your convenience.

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  • CB Transitions

    CB Transitions, CareerBuilder's outplacement service, helps your existing employees gain the confidence they need to quickly and easily start their search and gain new employment while reducing your overall employment costs.

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  • Predictive Candidate Selection

    Increase your probability of hiring employees who will be a successful fit for your company with access to our sophisticated online assessment system.

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  • Recruitment Technology Consulting

    Make your process as efficient as possible for both your internal team and external applicants. Our consultants conduct a complete internal needs analysis, pinpoint ways to enhance your processes, and provide an unbiased recommendation of which system is best for you.

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Train and Develop Your Staff

  • CareerBuilder Institute

    CareerBuilder Institute offers e-learning content for your business so you can better assess, test, train, develop, and provide continued education to your valued employees.

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  • Recruitment Development Institute (RDI)

    Recruitment Development Institute trainings are available across a variety of recruitment topics. Select a two-day, full-day, half-day or online training program tailored to your company's unique recruitment process, existing work flows, staff dynamics, and performance metrics.

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  • Recruitment Webinars

    These two-hour Recruitment Webinars, delivered right to your desktop, will help you and your team ramp up your recruitment skills and improve your job performance.

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Seamlessly Integrate

  • Applink

    Send applicant data directly into your ATS by bypassing your online application. Candidates stay on CareerBuilder's site to apply to your job, giving them fewer steps to apply, and their applications are sent into your ATS.

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  • Data Store

    Data Store captures and stores your Job Posting and Resume Database data for three years to make it easier for your organization to comply with OFCCP regulations.

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  • Mapping

    Greatly increase your efficiencies and your potential for applications by automatically adding the jobs from your company's job site to with Mapping.

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  • Resume Database Web Service

    Resume Database Web Service enables you to search CareerBuilder's Resume Database with your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) rather than using our website.

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  • Help
  • Customer Service: 800-891-8880
  • Sales: 877-FILL-A-JOB (877-345-5256)
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