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Solve your most pressing recruitment challenges and find your next star employee with CareerBuilder's unique recruitment products.

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  • Find out which candidates you need to target for your open positions — and where to find them. Determine the right pay, access target candidates' demographic info, and get details of your employees' career paths or answers to your recruitment-related questions from potential employees themselves.

  • Foster relationships with candidates on sites like Facebook, analyze online chatter about your company, launch a mobile version of your career site, engage with candidates at all stages of the applicant life cycle, create a referred candidate network, and more.

  • Fill your open positions easily and efficiently with our monthlong Job Postings and drive relevant candidates to apply to your open jobs through advertisements and e-mail.

  • Proactively search resumes for your ideal candidates and find your best matches in an instant.

  • Drive the most relevant candidates to apply to your open positions, then save valuable time as we screen and applicants to bring you only the best ones to interview.

  • Get in front of the exact type of candidate you seek by connecting with job seekers in your specialized market. Whether you're targeting college students and recent grads, restaurant and food service workers, contractors, or retail candidates, we've got you covered.

  • Optimize your internal and external recruitment processes to maximize your investments in recruitment technology, and help your recruiting and HR teams save valuable time.

  • Staying as current as possible in your current recruitment practices not only results in happier and more productive employees, but positions you to take your business to the next level. Develop your recruitment team or your entire staff through workshops, webinars and classes.

  • Establish your brand in the minds of your own workers, in turn helping you spread your employment message and attract better candidates who truly want to work for a great organization.

  • Meet more of your diversity initiatives and become a more inclusive workplace with solutions that help you zone in on the diverse candidates you want to bring onto your team.

  • Applicant Experience

    Measure your application experience and post-application interactions. We survey candidates who apply to your jobs, giving you powerful insight into the unbiased opinions of your applicants, including those who dropped out of the process.

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  • Brand Validation

    Brand Validation is a comprehensive survey of your target candidates that asks candidates how they identify with your employment brand and how deeply your message resonates with them.

    Product Details

    Your complete collegiate solution, connects students and recent grads seeking internships, part-time jobs and entry-level positions with your company.

    Product Details
  • CB Transitions

    CB Transitions, CareerBuilder's outplacement service, helps your existing employees gain the confidence they need to quickly and easily start their search and gain new employment while reducing your overall employment costs.

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  • Company Profile

    Give candidates a deeper view of your company culture and personalize the job seeker experience through your unique Company Profile page. With a multitude of media options, you have the opportunity to tell your company's story like never before.

    Product Details
  • Compensation Portal

    Get access to the most accurate, fresh and in-depth compensation data available on the market.

    Product Details
  • Data Store

    Data Store captures and stores your Job Posting and Resume Database data for three years to make it easier for your organization to comply with OFCCP regulations.

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  • Design Services

    Enhance your recruitment brand, as our top designers and artists work to customize your Job Branding design, spice up your BrandBuilder page, or create custom HTML e-mails or banners for you.

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  • Employment Brand Creation

    We analyze your company's current employment brand to identify gaps and help you build a stronger, more compelling employment brand.

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  • is an employment website that connects management-level talent with companies that have management and senior-level recruitment needs.

    Product Details
  • Job Advertisement Optimization

    Increase your job posting's chances for success, as we refresh, optimize, and refine your job descriptions to ensure they set clear expectations for your open position while engaging candidates.

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  • Job Branding

    Job Branding strengthens your employment brand by putting you in control of the look and feel of your Job Postings. Choose from nine design templates on which to create your Job Postings, or work with our design services team to create something truly unique.

    Product Details
  • is an employment site that targets job seekers within the transportation and logistics industries.

    Product Details
  • is the nation's best restaurant job board specializing in corporate, management and hourly restaurant and food service jobs.

    Product Details
  • is the largest job site in the healthcare industry and matches job seekers to relevant opportunities that match their experience and skill sets.

    Product Details
  • is an employment site targeting job seekers in the finance, banking and accounting industries.

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  • Name Generation

    Find potential candidates to fill your open positions, as well as contacts who can be asked for referrals and other contacts within your specified industry, with a customized list of potential candidates' names and contact information.

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  • Recruitment Display Ads

    Command the attention of job seekers while conveying the unique personality of your employment brand. Promote anything from announcements of open positions and career fairs to information about your competitive difference.

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  • Recruitment Webinars

    These two-hour Recruitment Webinars, delivered right to your desktop, will help you and your team ramp up your recruitment skills and improve your job performance.

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  • Resume & Phone Screening

    Evaluate submitted resumes before their resumes reach your desk. Based on your specified position requirements, skilled recruiters evaluate submitted resumes and conduct phone interviews with qualified candidates. Those candidates successful on the phone screen are then submitted to you for review.

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  • Resume Database

    Proactively search for your ideal candidates and find your closest matches in an instant with CareerBuilder's Resume Database.

    Product Details
  • Resume Database Web Service

    Resume Database Web Service enables you to search CareerBuilder's Resume Database with your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) rather than using our website.

    Product Details
  • is an employment website that connects experienced IT and Engineering professionals and matches them with relevant opportunities.

    Product Details
  • Source & Screen Management

    Using data intelligence and media strategies like targeted e-mails and social networking sites, we advertise for you in the most effective mediums for each particular position to drive the most relevant traffic to your Job Postings.

    Product Details
  • Standard Job Optimization

    Have a professional copywriter improve your current or expired job posting to appear in more searches and increase EOI.

    Product Details
  • Supply & Demand Portal

    Using our talent analytics, identify where the greatest saturation of your target talent resides, where you face the highest and lowest competition for that talent and a list of the top companies with which you compete.

    Product Details
  • Video Services

    Show job seekers a "day in the life" of current employees and spread your employment message on top online sites.

    Product Details

    WorkInRetail is the largest retail-specific job site, delivering experienced and targeted candidates to retail employers. Both hourly and salary positions are posted.

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