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1 Job $419
2 - 3 $390 Save 7% per job
4 - 5 $350 Save 16% per job
6 - 11 $340 Save 19% per job
12 - 17 $325 Save 22% per job
18 - 24 $290 Save 31% per job
25 - 49 $240 Save 43% per job
50 Jobs $176 Save 58% per job
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"CareerBuilder reaches the audience that we're looking to reach. When we place a Job Posting, the response is very good. That goes from hiring a truck driver, to a warehouse person, to a CFO."

-HR Manager, Atlantic Paper and Foil


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  • Free screener questions to weed out unqualified candidates.
  • Job Postings last one month with unlimited edits.
  • Flexible usage, allowing you up to one year from purchase date to post your jobs.
  • Reach local candidates within a 30-mile radius of the location posted.

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Do you still have questions, or want to learn about our other specialized programs? Call us: 877-FILL-A-JOB(877-345-5256)

The CareerBuilder Difference

Learn about CareerBuilder.com's unique strategy for finding the best job seekers, whether they are actively searching yet or not. Also, read about the unique technology that connects you with best candidates for your open positions.

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