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Employer Quick Look

Steeplechase Business Solutions

Sales - Marketing
Steeplechase Business Solutions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in the Greater Pittsburgh area. We specialize in direct marketing and sales on behalf of some of the largest clients in the telecommunications industry. Our mission is to provide top notch representation for our clients by promoting integrity and hard work. We will WOW our clients with the quality and the quantity of our work.

Starting in the first quarter of 2013, We have already created a reputation of quality and results for our clients here in Pittsburgh. As of March, we are expanding into our second location and taking on an additional client, but this is just the start of our 2015. This has created a need for hard working, talented professionals to replace our expansion crew and compliment our existing team.

Our growth strategy is simple, develop our people and grow from within. We take great pride in our training and the fact that 100 percent of our management team developed from the entry level. If we
want to continue the quality work we have done for our clients until now, we must commit to great training and building from the inside out.