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Aleris International Inc


We think aluminum is a miracle metal.

What’s so special about it? Aluminum is strong, lightweight, durable, flexible, extremely versatile, impermeable, corrosion resistant, an excellent conductor of electricity, non magnetic, non combustible, an abundant element in the earth’s crust and infinitely recyclable.

The tensile strength of pure aluminum is limited. But mix it with other elements and aluminum becomes very strong. When cold-rolled, an aluminum alloy becomes even stronger, sometimes doubling in strength. Some alloys also strengthen and harden by heat treatments, which increase their tensile strengths dramatically.

Aluminum is one of the most versatile and abundant raw materials found in the earth’s crust. An important advantage of aluminum is its sustainability and the fact that it can be recycled repeatedly, quickly, and cost-efficiently -- without any material decline in performance or quality. The recycling of aluminum delivers energy and capital investment savings relative to both the cost of producing primary aluminum and many other competing materials.

Aluminum’s many beneficial properties make it the preferred solution for thousands of products in many diverse industries. Aluminum touches our lives in countless, sometimes unseen, ways. Aluminum has unlimited potential.

Career Opportunities

Aleris may be the biggest company you’ve never heard of. But not for long. We’re profitable, strong and growing, we’re building momentum, and the world is starting to notice.

A relatively young company, we’ve already built a culture of openness, accountability, speed, nimbleness and financial rigor. We don’t stand on ceremony here. Great work that makes a difference is what we care about.

At Aleris, you have the freedom to do great work.

We love aluminum and its unlimited potential. We love enabling our customers to achieve their goals. And what really excites us is solving customer problems in ways that ultimately benefit society, like achieving better fuel efficiency and lower emissions by “lightweighting” vehicles with our aluminum.

As an aluminum manufacturer and marketer with operations in more than 40 countries, Aleris offers career opportunities across a wide geographic, functional and commercial scope.

If you’re driven to contribute and succeed, you’ve come to the right place.

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Aleris International Global Headquarters

25825 Science Park Drive, Suite 400
Cleveland, Ohio 44122
PH: +1-216-910-3400
FAX: +1-216-910-3650