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Employer Quick Look

Vail Resorts

Hotel - Resort
Vail Resorts is a world-class collection of mountain resort, hospitality, real estate, retail and transportation companies operating in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. Our employees wake up each day in the most beautiful places on the planet, even when it rains. Or snows. Or shines. We hone our passions on a year-round playground. We strike the perfect balance between work and play. We have a great respect for nature. We are dedicated delivering exceptional guest service. Working for the Vail Resorts family is an instant conversation piece and creates lifelong memories. But most of all, it is the opportunity to be part of a prestigious, exceptional organization whose brands are instantly recognizable around the world, and whose mission is built around enjoying life to its fullest.

At Vail Resorts, our mission is simple – to create the experience of a lifetime for our employees, so they can, in turn, provide exceptional experiences for our guests. We have the opportunity to make each guest interaction special and their time with us unforgettable, and that starts with our employees. Vail Resorts is dedicated to delivering seamless guest service by continuously investing in our team and the infrastructure, systems and training programs that support them.
As a Vail Resorts employee you get way more than a paycheck or even a ski pass. Vail Resorts employees receive a competitive benefits package, as well as some nontraditional perks that can only be provided by a ski and hospitality company as diverse as Vail Resorts. Our Total Rewards program gives employees access to some of the world’s most beautiful playgrounds and luxurious properties—and the goods to enjoy each of them to their fullest potential.
Talent Management
Working for a Vail Resorts company is much more than a job; it’s a career. With that mentality in mind, our greatest employee assets are: Vail Resorts’ vertically integrated structure, which allows for swift upward mobility within the company; and our learning development programs, which offer experiences, certifications and workshops to hone your skills and sharpen your thinking. We are also developing a challenging leadership program that puts you in the driver’s seat of your career. At Vail Resorts it’s easy to transfer from one resort or business segment to another within the company, without having to start from scratch. We have a proven track record of promoting within the company, meaning you have the potential to climb the ladder, from lift operator to chief operating officer and ski instructor to director of ski school. Our vertical integration also lets you take advantage of Vail Resorts’ wealth of locations, from the mountains to the beach and everything in between. So you can stay within the company, grow your career and live in a multitude of unforgettable locations, without having to leave. Perfect for those with a passion for what we do, loads of enthusiasm and a drive to succeed.
International Applicants
Bienvenidos and danke for your interest in employment with Vail Resorts. We’re big believers in employing a range of employees with various cultural backgrounds and experiences to make Vail Resorts a better place, and to help us achieve our mission of creating the experience of a lifetime for employees and guests. International applicants and employees at Vail Resorts should know a few important things. First, the petitioning process for international beneficiaries is rather complex. There are several government agencies involved in the process, including state Departments of Labor, the Federal Department of Labor, United States Citizenship & Immigration Services and foreign consulates. Second, ever-changing legislative regulations can make it challenging for Vail Resorts and other employers to guarantee the outcome of any visa petition to our beneficiaries. And lastly, unpredictable economic conditions in the U.S. may require Vail Resorts to reevaluate our need for international staff from season to season.
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