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Frontline Performance Group

HQ: Winter Park, FL   |  
Frontline Performance Group opened its doors in 1993 as Khoury Consulting and the vision was simple; help our clients dramatically increase profitability with their current resources. Sixteen years later we have successfully helped clients of all types and sizes achieve increased profitability and performance with minimal risk.

The Frontline Performance Group system takes everything that is good in your organization and builds on those strengths. It helps you increase your top-line transaction revenue averages, order frequency, customer and employee satisfaction, retention, and client referrals. We have found that the right people, structure, tools and actions can significantly drive your profitability and growth.
Career Opportunities
We understand the best way to achieve high client satisfaction is to have happy, highly skilled employee ambassadors. We accomplish this by fostering a supportive team atmosphere. We provide the tools through training and development, an aggressive compensation plan, and the opportunity to grow and succeed through measured performance goals. Since Frontline Performance Group has built its reputation on delivering dramatic results, every position in our company plays an integral part in achieving that goal.

To this end, we are always looking for dynamic people with the compulsory aptitude, enthusiasm, work ethic, experience and communication skills to join Frontline Performance Group. If you have the presence and passion to inspire our clients, aren’t afraid to challenge the norm and yourself, and are prepared to go all out to achieve common, but difficult objectives we would love to hear from you. Applicants should possess a sales, service, training or consultancy background and have operational and/or learning & development experience.
Frontline Performance Group believes the primary purpose of the frontline for every business is to serve customers and generate sales, profitably. All other functions are there to support these objectives.

To help our clients achieve peak organizational performance, we developed the Khoury Performance Equation (KPE). The KPE is a business blueprint designed to optimize sales and service performance through three primary areas of actionable focus:
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Phone: 800.930.1214
Local: 407.682.3434
Facsimile: 407.682.7229
1075 West Morse Boulevard
Winter Park, FL 32789