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Equity Staffing Group

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Equity was founded on the belief that the “voice of the customer”, the employer and job seeker, must be acknowledged.

The staffing industry has been reluctant to respond to its customers when it has been asked to reveal its margins, its direct labor rates and its bill rates. Unfortunately, for the staffing industry, the reluctance to operate without transparency has resulted in a loss of goodwill.

Equity has heard your voices. We operate with a fully transparent model because our goal is to deliver superior results while operating with fair and “equitable” margins that we are proud to share with employers and jobseekers.
Career Opportunities
In today’s rapidly changing market, we’re always seeking top talent that will enable us to have a competitive edge against our current and future competitors.

We’re creating a culture where the statements “Because it’s always been done that way” and “because it’s the rule” will no longer be used as an excuse to stop our teams from taking risks, being creative and achieving.
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Equity Staffing Group
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