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RHA Behavioral Health Services

Healthcare - Health Services, Social Services, Not for Profit - Charitable
250 - 500 employees  |  

RHA Behavioral Health Services impacts the lives of over 12,000 people across North Carolina and has been helping people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives since 2005.

We are a leading provider of high-quality supports and services for people with all kinds of behavioral health needs.  RHA is recognized by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services as a statewide Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency (CABHA).  This means that we offer a comprehensive range of behavioral health services to meet the treatment needs of the people we serve.

By meeting all of the behavioral health needs of our consumers, we can greatly reduce or eliminate the fragmentation of services that leaves some individuals without total, holistic, truly person-centered care.

Using the Recovery Model as the foundation of all of our programs, we are experienced in providing treatment and support to people with mental health and substance abuse needs.  RHA specializes in helping individuals who have a dual diagnosis: many of the people we serve have both mental health and substance abuse needs or have a developmental disability.

Below are a
few highlights of RHA Behavioral Health:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) hybrid with movement to a fully
    established EMR.
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) scheduling. 
    RHA support staff and clinical leadership manages the schedule so the
    person prescribing doesn't have to.
  • Nursing assistance in specified sites.
  • Established protocols regarding communication with primary care.

We believe that every person is unique and, therefore, every path to recovery and healing is unique.

RHA is a community-based provider, offering mental health and substance abuse services where individuals live and work, helping people to build natural support systems such as family, friends and community relationships rather than depending on clinics and rehabilitation centers.  RHA will work with individuals seeking services as well as their families and friends to identify coping skills and manage their symptoms.

We also believe that there is more to mental health wellness than therapy and treatment.  We can help individuals find and utilize important community resources such as financial and housing aid, recreational activities, education, and employment services.  We concentrate on creating opportunities for the people we serve, opportunities that will promote healthy choices, natural supports, and responsible independence within one's community.  This core focus also helps to reduce the likelihood of future crisis situations such as hospitalization, out-of-home placement, and involvement with the legal system.

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RHA Behavioral Health Services is dedicated to providing effective, high quality support to individuals with mental health, substance abuse, and/or developmental disability needs. With the Recovery Model being the foundation of the RHA program, a team of knowledgeable and compassionate staff use specialized skills and training to create opportunities that promote healthy choices, natural supports, and independence within the community in order to decrease the likelihood of crises, hospitalizations, out-of-home placement and involvement with the legal system as a result of a mental health diagnosis. Because RHA is a community-based provider, we come to where the individual lives to help improve the individual's natural family, friends, and community relationships rather than requiring the individual to spend time in a clinic or office. In addition to learning more about mental health and behavioral challenges, RHA will work with the person and their family to identify coping skills to manage the symptoms as well as find and take advantage of community resources including financial and housing aid, leisure activities, education, and employment services. RHA Behavioral Health is looking for employees that can:

  • Provide high quality services
  • Be honest, trustworthy and reliable in all relationships
  • Treat others fairly
  • Be a good citizen in the communities where RHA provides services
Mission and Values


Mission:"With passion and integrity, RHA Behavioral Health crates opportunities for people and communities through innovation and leadership"
Vision: "Setting the PACE for Excellence in Supporting People"