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Consulting, Training
HQ: Charlotte, NC   |  
Since 2003, Charlotte-based Via-Source has brought a fresh attitude and perspective to the business of Learning and Development and Consulting.

With a proven track record of expertise in the fields of instructional design, training development and delivery, and project management, Via-Source is able to attract and retain the highest quality of talent and consultants available. 

Our clients trust us to identify, and thoroughly screen resources who meet the rigorous criteria for their projects. They also know and trust our ability to follow through on our promise of high quality and professionalism.

This focus on execution excellence means that our clients receive the best possible consultants and project expertise available to enhance their staff and support their success.

Our tested service model is designed to enhance both small to midsize businesses as well as the many Fortune 250 industry leaders we’ve supported throughout our history.
Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Via-Source has always had a reputation of bringing good jobs to good people. In today’s world, quality of life matters, and working is a big part of life. Why not enjoy what you do?

Via-Source helps individuals find the right opportunity, not just any opportunity. It’s important to us that our consultants and employees are happy in their jobs. That’s why we take every measure to understand exactly what you want to do, and find that for you.
Via-Source is a company that embraces the highest of values, and incorporates those values by employing the finest consultants and providing the very best service to clients. As a consulting and Learning and Development company we pride ourselves on the strong lasting relationships we build with clients and professionals on a daily basis.

Via-Source is more than a vendor. By becoming a business partner that is dedicated to streamlining the hiring process and management of projects, we become an invaluable asset and resource to each of our clients.

Working with us allows our clients the ability to establish a flexible staffing model, and to maintain focus on projects – not filling skills gaps – which results in ramp up and project completion quickly, controlled staffing costs and quality, and success in meeting the needs of business partners.