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Sulzer Metco

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1909 — Schoop Invents Thermal Spray
In the early 1900s, Max Ulrich Schoop, of Zurich, Switzerland experiments with the spraying of lead and zinc metals for protective coatings. In 1909, Schoop obtained a patent covering the use of a combustion process (oxygen fuel) to melt wire and direct it to a substrate. Schoop’s second patent, in 1911, incorporated an electric arc as a production heat source. Thus, the technology of thermal spraying was begun. During its early application, the metallizing process was used mainly for corrosion protective coatings.

In 1917, Schoop received the John Scott Award. Created in 1834, the John Scott Award honors "the most deserving" inventors. Schoop received the award for "Schoops Metal Spraying Process". Recipients have included Mme. Marie Curie, Guglielmo Marconi, the Wright brothers and Thomas Edison. In 1994, Mr. Schoop was inducted into the Thermal Spray Hall of Fame.


1933 — Rea Axline Founds Metallizing Engineering Company (later METCO)
In the midst of the worst economic depression ever in the United States, Rea Axline, a recent California Institute of Technology graduate, founds a small shop in Jersey City, New Jersey to sell wire spray equipment for corrosion control and repair of simple machine elements. The company started with 5 employees and included two of Rea’s talented associates from Cal Tech.


1938 — Metco Introduces Type-E Gun With Improved Wire Spray Rates
Featuring easily adjusted "fast" and "slow" speeds for spraying soft or hard metals without the need for gear changes, the E-gun was rapidly embraced for its economical, high-speed metallizing rates. The E-gun could spray 3.2 mm (1/8 inch) wire – a larger diameter than previously used – with lower air consumption. Also introduced were the company’s first materials, Metcoloy ®1 and Metcoloy 2, both stainless steel wires. Metcoloy 2 is still marketed today.


1948 — Metco Expands Into Europe
Metco establishes its first subsidiary in the UK, followed shortly thereafter by offices in Germany, Austria and Holland. The new Type-L Gun cut compressed air use by 60%, bringing modern metallizing within reach of the smallest shop. Gas flow meters and Sprabond wire – a molybdenum alloy for smooth surfaces – were introduced.


1956 — Metco Markets the ThermoSpray Powder Gun and Self-fluxing Alloys
The Type-P ThermoSpray® Powder Gun for spraying refractory ceramics, self-fluxing alloys and tungsten carbides makes its debut. Sprasteel® LS was also developed in 1956.


1960 — Metco Becomes Metco Inc., Markets Water-Cooled Plasma Flame Gun
A name change and a 200 for 1 stock split started Metco’s decade with a bang. Metco introduces the Type MB plasma gun and plasma spray system, marking the advent of a commercially viable process to thermal spray ceramics, refractories and other high-temperature materials. Metco’s product portfolio appropriately expands to include a wide variety of powders suitable for the plasma process. In 1964, Metco introduced Metco 404 self-fluxing, exothermic, nickel aluminide powder – first in a family of composite spray materials excellent for base coats and product build-up.
Sulzer Metco has been successfully offering coating solutions since 1933 to companies in the aerospace, energy, automotive and other key industries. Sulzer Metco is the leading company world-wide for technical coating solutions based on thermal spraying and other surfacing technologies. We operate in markets with above average growth potential and continually develop new products in the field of materials and surface technologies. For example, the product portfolio includes the manufacture of turbine seals and airfoils, which represents an optimal coverage of our product and service offerings in the field of coating solutions. Welding and joining products that are strategically complimentary to our solutions portfolio round out our offerings.
Career Opportunities
Für die unterschiedlichen zu bearbeitenden Materialien werden heute im Wesentlichen beschichtete Präzisionswerkzeuge eingesetzt.

Hierbei bedienen sich viele Beschichter einer für den Anwender nicht mehr überschaubaren Anzahl von Schicht-Typen. Auf der einen Seite steht daher die Forderung der Anwender nach einer "Allround"-Schicht, um nicht für jede Anwendung und jedes Werkzeug eine spezielle Beschichtung aufbringen zu müssen. Auf der anderen Seite sind die Anwendungen so hochspezialisiert, daß Beschichtungen inklusive der Vorbehandlung individuelle Konzepte darstellen müssen.

Die von METAPLAS IONON für hochanspruchsvolle Zerspanungsaufgaben entwickelten nanokristallinen Saturn-Schichten zeichnen sich neben der hervorragenden Haftung und Oxidationsbeständigkeit vor allem durch eine einstellbare Kombination von Härte und Zähigkeit aus. Der für PVD-Beschichtungen typische Druckeigenspannungszustand läßt sich ebenfalls entsprechend den Anforderungen adaptieren. Eine weitere durch die Zusammensetzung und Struktur bedingte Eigenschaft der Saturn-Schichten ist die Erhöhung der Warmhärte während des Einsatzes beispielsweise in der trockenen/minimalmengengeschmierten HSC-Bearbeitung von Stählen (45-62 HRc) oder der Zerspanung von Hochtemperaturlegierungen wie Inconel 718 oder Ti6Al4V.

Entwicklungstendenzen gehen in Richtung der Dotierung von Hartstoffschichten. Ziel ist zumeist eine Verbesserung der Oxidationsbeständigkeit und Härte der Schichten. Bild 1 zeigt ein Beispiel einer solchen nanostrukturierten Multilagenschicht. Diese AlTiNmod-Beschichtungen von METAPLAS IONON weisen eine sehr hohe Härte von mehr als 4500 HV bei gleichzeitig sehr geringer Adhäsionsneigung auf. Neben der Hartbearbeitung von Stählen > 60 HRc werden diese Schichten daher auch für die Zerspanung von Kupferlegierungen sowie Verbundwerkstoffen eingesetzt.
At Sulzer Metco, we see the subject of "surfaces" from a different point of view. Engineered products and systems must often be designed to operate and survive in the most extreme environments and conditions. In the real world, surfaces are not sterile, mathematical abstractions. More often, they are functional areas that are vital to the performance of components and systems.

Sulzer Metco is focused on selected growth markets, including aerospace, power generation, automotive and specialty markets, to provide effective working solutions for a wide variety of surface treatment applications on a global basis.

We accomplish this through a full offering of solutions and services, including:
  • a broad range of thermal spray, thin film and other advanced surface technology equipment, integrated systems and materials
  • specialized coating and surface enhancement services
  • manufactured components for the turbine, automotive and other industries
  • global customer support services.

Sulzer Metco advanced surface treatments enhance the external properties of a given object. Our solutions add protection from mechanical wear or chemical reaction... or alter surface functionality. Our technologies have evolved in response to needs, and through our willingness to research and engineer solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Sulzer Metco is the global leader in surface engineering solutions and services, using thermal spray and other advanced coating and surface enhancement technologies. Our more than 1500 professionals around the world provide you with the ability to protect surfaces and improve the performance of products and systems through the application of hundreds of specialized materials, resulting in an unlimited number of engineered solutions. Sulzer Metco is committed to providing value to our customers. It's "The Secret of Staying Ahead".
Sulzer Metco, with a team of over 1500 employees around the world, is a global leader in surface engineering solutions and services using thermal spray, thin film and other advanced surface treatment and process technologies. Our dedicated research and development specialists are constantly pursuing surface technology solutions for our customers’ needs.

Surface Engineering Solutions
Sulzer Metco offers advanced thermal spray, as well as thin film and other surface enhancement equipment and materials for every technology discipline—for engineering, design, manufacturing, maintenance, salvage and product restoration. Our systems engineers, materials scientists and applications specialists can integrate the right solution into any facility, easily and cost-effectively. The result is a turnkey integrated systems approach to advanced surface engineering technology.

Surface Engineering Services
Sulzer Metco is also able to provide unique and customized coating and surface enhancement services. Our technological capabilities range from all thermal spray processes (powder and wire combustion, electric arc, HVOF, atmospheric and vacuum plasma) over Physical and Chemical Vapor Deposition (PVD, CVD) to plasma nitriding processes. We also offer pre- and post- surface treatment services, such as component design, grit blasting, grinding, machining, heat treatment and various finishing processes.

Manufactured Components
Eldim, a Sulzer Metco company, uses advanced manufacturing technologies to fabricate critical components for leading aero and stationary turbine OEMs around the globe, including airfoils, seals and stator vanes. Close collaboration with the customer and exceptional attention to detail assures an end product that meets the most demanding customer expectations. Euroflamm, a Sulzer Metco company, supplies coated transmission components to the global automotive industry.

Global Support Services
Sulzer Metco provides a global manufacturing, distribution and service network. A broad range of customer support services is provided globally, and includes technical support, calibration, training, application development and original, high quality spare parts. More than 1,500 professionals around the world are dedicated to ensuring the performance of our customers' surfaces.

By helping you enlarge the portfolio of your capabilities, our surface engineering solutions present new sales and marketing opportunities. You can improve the value and in-service performance of the components you produce. We help slash the costs of product refurbishment by extending useful life. Consider us your partner in creating value with innovative solutions.
Sulzer Metco
United States Headquarters

Sulzer Metco (US) Inc.
1101 Prospect Avenue
Westbury, New York, 11590

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