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Life Care Centers of America

Healthcare - Health Services
10,000 - 25,000 employees  |  

Founded in 1976, Life Care is a nationwide health care company. With headquarters in Cleveland, Tenn., Life Care operates or manages more than 220 nursing, post-acute and Alzheimer's centers in 28 states. For more information about Life Care, visit

To Residents: We believe our residents are our highest priority. We believe in the preservation of dignity, self-respect and resident rights in a loving and caring environment. We believe in the resident-centered approach to care in which the total needs of the residents are met. The resident's family is encouraged to become closely involved with the center in meeting the resident's needs. To Community: We believe each of our centers should be responsive to the long-term health care needs of its community and should direct its resources to meet those needs in a cost-effective manner. We believe each center should be a good corporate citizen of the community, maintaining communications with the various publics we serve and participating actively in community affairs, particularly those related to health case. We believe in fostering a meaningful relationship with local educational institutions and assisting them with long-term health care programs. To Associates: We believe our employees, as associates, are our most valuable resource. We believe in providing an environment in which associates:
  • Have opportunities through education and advancement to reach their maximum potential.
  • Are recognized and rewarded for their individual contribution and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.
  • Are motivated to continue their employment with the center so long as they meet the expectations of their jobs.
  • Are free to express their ideas and concerns, and are encouraged to participate in, and feel a part of, the organization.
  • Are treated fairly and with respect, regardless of race, religion, culture, ethnic or other backgrounds.
We believe unselfishness and teamwork are vital to the success of the center and the corporation. Every associate should recognize and understand that there must be individual and collective responsibility for the care of each resident and the financial success of the center and of the corporation. To Management: We believe in the decentralized concept of organizational structure and the participative style of management. We believe in fair and consistent application of rules, policies and procedures of the center and the corporation. We believe in "results-oriented management" and encourage initiative and creativity within the framework of the organizational structure. We believe in being good stewards of the resources committed to us by investors. We believe our work is rooted in the Judeo-Christian ethic, and that obedience to God is best measured by our service to others. Only by following this principle will our mission and potential as a corporation be fulfilled.
Our Mission
Life Care Centers of America is committed to being a premier provider of long-term health care. It is our desire to be the facility of choice in any community in which we operate. Our programs, services and facilities must be designed and operated with superior quality in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.
Imagine spending your day working with a World War II veteran, someone who was present at Pearl Harbor. Imagine listening to a lively grandma who marched with Martin Luther King. And then there are the individuals who fascinate us simply by the way they created extraordinary lives from the most humble beginnings. Whatever their stories, they are the people who have helped shape our nation and contributed to its success.

Being a part of so many of these lives over the years has been our privilege at Life Care Centers of America. And as the field of long-term health care continues its rapid growth, new opportunities to work in this ever-changing industry open every day.

Life Care offers an unusual variety of employment positions within our organization. From directly caring for residents to maintaining our beautiful facilities to performing administrative tasks to preparing enticing meals, the career opportunities are many, and long-term health care also presents numerous possibilities for advancement.

We recognize that it takes compassionate, mission-driven leadership to make excellent resident care a reality. Our employees who daily minister to the physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of the residents are directly responsible for Life Care’s own success. Since our residents are our highest priority, we welcome those gifted men and women who would like to join us in serving the needs of those in our care.
Life Care Centers of America
3570 Keith Street NW
PO Box 3480
Cleveland, TN 37320-3480
(423) 472-9585