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PharmaSource Healthcare


PharmaSource Healthcare has been a leading provider of pharmacy management services since 1993. We provide hospitals with pharmacy management solutions designed to enhance clinical services, improve patient care and control costs. Our clients include long-term acute care (LTAC) hospitals, critical access hospitals, psychiatric facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, surgery centers and general med/surge hospitals. PharmaSource Healthcare's objective is to provide the highest quality pharmacy operation at the most affordable cost in the pharmacy management industry. PharmaSource Healthcare is a subsidiary of Omnicare, Inc. based in Cincinnati, OH. Omnicare, a Fortune 400 company, is the largest U.S. provider of professional pharmacy, related consulting and data management services for skilled nursing, assisted living and other institutional healthcare providers as well as for hospice patients in homecare and other settings. With more than 300 pharmacy locations, Omnicare currently provides pharmacy services for approximately 1.4 million beds in 47 states, and the District of Columbia. Because of the combined resources of PharmaSource and Omnicare, we provide our clients with more options for pharmacy services based on hospital size, acuity level and pharmacy need. We provide both in-house and offsite pharmacy management options. With any of our programs, we tailor our pharmacy management services to meet the unique needs of each or our client hospitals.


PharmaSource is different. We're different because we offer a full range of pharmacy services, including in-house and off-site services, backed with tremendous purchasing power. PharmaSource emphasizes our continuous, up-to-date clinical initiatives and best practices. Pharmacy Management for Hospitals PharmaSource Healthcare's pharmacy management programs provide professional leadership, ongoing support and clinical resources to hospital pharmacies. We provide a comprehensive package of pharmacy services, including clinical initiatives and The Joint Commission compliance programs. With PharmaSource, hospitals are provided access to our national volume-purchasing program, which is backed by over one billion dollars in annual purchases. In addition, the hospitals gain access to pharmacy computer system and automated dispensing system discounts through our preferred vendors. PharmaSource works with national recruiters and our vast network of contacts through Omnicare to eliminate the problem of locating and retaining qualified pharmacy staff. PharmaSource can employ the Director of Pharmacy or the entire pharmacy staff. PharmaSource pharmacy management brings customized programs and resources to hospitals which result in exemplary pharmacy services and reduced pharmacy expenditures. Off-site Pharmacy Management PharmaSource and Omnicare have combined resources allowing us to offer a full pharmacy service option through one of Omnicare's 300 pharmacy locations nationwide. Our off-site pharmacy model is designed for small or rural hospitals with limited access to pharmacists. This model is designed to minimize in-house inventory management costs, reduce a hospital's overall pharmacy budget and provide superior pharmacy clinical services through our regional network. Customized Programs PharmaSource customizes our pharmacy management programs to meet the specific needs of our client hospitals. Our customized solutions may include versions of either in-house and off-site pharmacy models or a combination of an in-house pharmacy staff with off-site inventory management. All of PharmaSource's programs include proven clinical techniques and full regulatory compliance services. With any program model, PharmaSource's objective remains the same: to provide the highest quality pharmacy operation at the most affordable cost in the pharmacy management industry. Clinical Services PharmaSource's clinical services begin with the tried and true basics of formulary management through generic and therapeutic substitution and extend to best practices and clinical guidelines. Clinical drug monitoring and pharmacist interventions are the norm, not the exception. Our pharmacists work within the interdisciplinary teams of the hospital to oversee and improve the medication management process. PharmaSource clinical services and programs include medication safety guidelines, best practices guidelines, quality assurance initiatives, Policy and Procedure review and development, P&T Committee meeting participation, in-service education and accreditation survey assistance. PharmaSource Healthcare also provides pharmacy set-up and design services to new hospital locations.


What do you want to accomplish in your Pharmacy career? Want to direct and innovate inpatient Pharmacy services? Want to provide and broaden the quality of Pharmacy care? Want to lead clinical Pharmacy initiatives and programs? Want to receive continuous support and training? Think you might like to work for PharmaSource? With PharmaSource, you can have a direct role in pharmaceutical care leadership. You can make a difference in the quality of care for your patients and employees of our contracted facilities. PharmaSource offers management opportunities for experienced, qualified pharmacist managers. There are also exciting positions for staff pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Our pharmacists and technicians are integral to the success of PharmaSource and our customers. For all current Omnicare employment opportunities, visit