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Employer Quick Look

Rockwood Clinic


Welcome to Rockwood! As a multi-specialty clinic, Rockwood patients have the benefit of primary care, urgent care and specialty care from multiple locations including Spokane, Airway Heights, Coeur d’Alene, Cheney, Deer Park and Medical Lake.

Rockwood sees more than 160,000 patients a year and employs more than 220 physicians and providers and a total of more than 1,100 employees. Rockwood offers more than 30 specialties and operates from six primary clinical locations providing concentrated medical and urgent care services and several other specialty care locations throughout Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Rockwood is the largest freestanding outpatient diagnostic and treatment center between Central Washington and Minneapolis. The Clinic is the largest regional referral center and is home to the region’s most comprehensive and skilled medical and health care experts.

Rockwood patients know if their health care needs expand, an integrated group of specialists is available for their specific condition and will work closely with their primary physician for assessment, treatment and follow-up. This allows for easy consultation between physicians and convenient referral of patients between specialties. With the advent of electronic health records, our patient’s medical information is easily accessible to our providers, regardless of their location. It is our goal as Spokane's major outpatient and diagnostic and treatment center to provide the highest quality of medical care.

Rockwood accepts most insurance plans and you do not need to be an existing patient to see our providers.

From primary care to surgical needs and audiology to weight loss surgery, Rockwood offers exceptional health care and medical services to our patients.


Rockwood offers the largest freestanding outpatient diagnostic and treatment centers between central Washington and Minneapolis. A broad diversity of specialties helps serve our patients better - as we can provide comprehensive care.


1-800-776-4048 | 838-2531 PO Box 3649
400 E. Fifth Avenue
Spokane, WA