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Employer Quick Look

Aleuro Inc


Aleuro Inc. is a privately owned and operated Outside Sales/Direct Marketing firm based out of San Antonio, Texas.  We are outsourced by different multi-billion dollar telecommunication companies to become the face behind their logos and drive sales for their products. We offer lead generated campaigns, both B2C and B2B options, and are proud to staff professional and personal representatives that are a model example of business ethics, integrity, and leadership.
First, our goal is to provide our clients with the best and most professional face to face representation and give them the highest possible return on their investment. We have an unmatched speed to market and proven systems and strategies to impact any company's bottom line. Our proven results allow our clients to know that our professional representation and our extensive training will help us grow their potential consumer base.

Secondly, our goal is to provide our employees with the best possible training and create a learning environment where they can succeed in the field of sales and marketing. We want to develop them professionally and personally into the people they are striving to be.
Lastly, our goal is to develop relationships with our customers and give them a professional and respectful experience and be able to help them improve their quality of life.  We prove day in and out that a smile and handshake still makes the biggest waves in a sales and marketing field.

Our company culture is one we wish everyone would have the chance to experience.  Not many corporate atmospheres promote a fun environment, team and independent work and growth focused on your work ethic and ambition, but those are the cornerstones of our business.  We have a high-energy, ambitious and growing group of professionals who are as dedicated to reaching their own goals as they are to helping others be successful. As we have evolved through the last 3+ years, we have had to adapt but will consistently keep "having and maintaining a positive attitude" as a pillar of our business model!
Marketing Strategy

Direct Marketing - " The practice of delivering promotional messages directly to potential customers on an individual basis as opposed through a mass medium." Aleuro, Inc specializes in Below-the-Line Marketing, which is the plan of attack companies seek out when needing an instant impact on their bottom line and the highest return on their investment.  It is the last line of defense for companies who want the most professional and personalized brand representation.  Our firm is able to provide our clients with the most dynamic yet traditional tool; one on one human interaction. Dealing face-to-face with these customers gives our firm the opportunity to initiate, maintain and grow relationships within our community, which in turn raises recognition, credibility and appreciation for our clients.