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Medical Equipment
25,000+ employees  |  

At Covidien, we're passionate about making doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals as effective as they can be. From Autosuture to Valleylab, from Kendall to Mallinckrodt, our industry-leading brands are known worldwide for uncompromising quality.

Through ongoing collaboration with medical professionals and organizations, we identify clinical needs and translate them into proven products and procedures. Over the years, we've pioneered a number of medical advances including contrast media, pulse oximetry, electrosurgery, surgical stapling and laparoscopic instrumentation.

Offering an extensive product line that spans medical devices, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, we serve healthcare needs in hospitals, long-term care and alternate care facilities, doctors’ offices and in the home.


Careers Covidien is more than a leading provider of medical devices, supplies and pharmaceuticals. We’re a $11 billion company with over 41,000 employees who are passionate about helping doctors, nurses, and other medical industry professionals to be the most effective they can be. A company with a true global mindset, Covidien has forged dynamic partnerships with medical professionals around the world. In our role as an integral collaborator, we help identify patient needs and translate them into proven procedures and products that improve outcomes. As a Covidien employee, you'll come to work each day knowing that the solutions you’re providing play a critical role in saving or improving people's lives. You’ll be part of a company that can focus on long-term results rather than short-term earnings. And whether you're a product engineer in Asia, a marketing executive in Europe, or a systems analyst in the U.S., you'll be part of a culture that acknowledges each individual's abilities — embracing, recognizing and rewarding innovation.

Mission & Values


Create and deliver innovative healthcare solutions, developed in ethical collaboration with medical professionals, which enhance the quality of life for patients and improve outcomes for our customers and our shareholders.

Our Goal

Become the leading global healthcare products company by creating innovative medical solutions for better patient outcomes and delivering value through clinical leadership and excellence in everything we do.

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U.S. Headquarters

15 Hampshire Street
Mansfield, MA 02048