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Employer Quick Look

Leprino Foods

2,500 - 5,000 employees  |  

We’re Leprino Foods Company – the leading producer of mozzarella cheese and related whey & lactose products in the USA. Our heritage of entrepreneurial growth & innovation, exceptional customer service, and top-quality products continue to define our business success and company culture every day. Our customers include leading pizza companies, consumer food manufacturers, and food distributors. Given our industry leading technology (we hold more patents on mozzarella cheese-making technology than any other producer), and quest for future growth, we’re expanding our international capabilities as well. Our Singapore hub and joint venture with Glanbia Cheese, UK positions us in key markets across the world.

From our headquarters in Denver to our production plants located across the country, our growth continues to provide exciting career opportunities. It’s our vision to become the world’s best dairy foods ingredients producer, and we’re looking for great people to help us get there. If you have a strong work ethic, a focus on providing excellent service to external and internal customers, an innovative spirit that’s not satisfied with status quo, and a passion for producing quality products and services, we’d be excited to have you join our organization.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


Our unwavering commitment to product quality and unparalleled customer service encompasses simple principles that guide the efforts of every member of the Leprino Foods' team.
Quality Highest Standards of Excellence are at the heart of everything we do. Our products have been recognized worldwide as superior because of their high quality and dependability. We are unapologetically, obsessed with product taste, functionality, consistency, and safety.
Service Customers trust us to deliver the highest quality products possible while providing impeccable customer service. Our customer development teams ensure that our customers receive the most responsive, results-driven service in the business. More customers trust us exclusively for their cheese and dairy ingredient needs than any other cheese company.
Innovation We understand that consumer insights and marketing ideations are fundamental to a product’s success. Our research-based insights and patented breakthroughs offer our customers innovative solutions while helping them meet the needs of their business. They get much more than a cheese supplier when they partner with us. Our customers get a Solutions Provider, a Problem Solver, and an Idea Factory.
People Perpetuating a fulfilling, challenging and safe work environment that encourages continuous improvement, provides equal opportunity, offers economic satisfaction through the recognition and rewarding of achievement, and ensures we maintain a healthy respect for our competitors, customers, suppliers and fellow employees in a clean and safe work environment.
Ethics Conducting our affairs and nurturing our relationships with customers, suppliers, co-workers, mutual interest groups and others in a forthright and ethical manner.
Citizenship Recognizing our responsibilities toward, and encouraging involvement in, our industry and local communities while respecting individual freedom of choice and maintaining the highest standards of environmental and regulatory compliance.


Profit Sharing This plan is designed as a retirement plan to reward long-term commitment to the organization.

Matched Retirement Savings – 401(k) This plan assists in building savings through your tax deferred payroll contributions and company matching funds.
Medical Benefits Medical coverage is an optional benefit provided for eligible employees and dependents. Employees share in the cost of coverage with pre-tax payroll deductions. The medical plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) model that does not require referrals or gatekeepers.
Dental Plan The dental program is elected separately from the medical program on a pre-tax payroll cost-sharing basis.
Prescription Plan Covers eligible prescriptions with various co-insurance amounts. There is a discounted mail-order option for maintenance medications and a retail option for short-duration immediate needs. This program is available to employees and eligible family members if they are enrolled in the medical plan.
Vision Care This optional program provides for vision care at a reduced cost. Vision is elected separately from medical and dental.
Short-Term and Long-Term Disability This benefit is provided at no cost to the employee and provides income replacement for qualified non-occupational injuries or illnesses.
Life and Accident Insurance With this benefit, employees receive company-paid life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment coverage based on annual earnings.
Dependent Life Insurance This benefit automatically covers your spouse and children.
Paid Time Off Associates enjoy paid vacation time that grows with your length of service, as well as paid holidays and sick time.
Flexible Spending Accounts This optional benefit allows you to reimburse yourself for out-of-pocket health care expenses or work-related dependent child-care or adult-care expenses.
Educational Assistance Employees are reimbursed for tuition costs of successfully completed accredited courses that will benefit the employee in their present position or which enable them to acquire skills necessary for related future positions.
Incentive Plan Based on meeting team objectives, employees may be eligible to earn additional compensation quarterly.
Product Purchase Program Employees are entitled to purchase company cheese and whey products at a discount.
Employee Assistance Program This benefit provides free confidential telephone and in-person counseling for the employee and any household members for concerns such as finances, relationships, substance abuse, and many others.
This page is a brief highlight of the various benefits and awards available at Leprino Foods.

Our Story

Behind the superior quality and performance of our cheese lies the legacy of a man with a vision - to make the finest mozzarella cheese available anywhere.

Mike Leprino, Sr. arrived in America in 1914 with little more than fierce determination and a tough set of principles. In 1950 with the help of his family, Mike Leprino began making small batches of ricotta and mozzarella cheese for delivery to local grocery stores. An uncompromising commitment to product quality and customer service fueled demand for Leprino cheese.

Today the company he founded is the world's largest producer of mozzarella cheese and remains singularly focused upon making the finest cheese and whey products.

Results Through People

Our employees perform their best and feel considerable pride because they are active contributors to the continued success of the largest mozzarella maker in the world - and especially to the continued success of our customers. Employee teams propose and implement ideas to improve our products, service and technology, and track their success. In fact, our employees frequently surpass their own records when it comes to safety standards and innovative processes.

The culture of Leprino Foods Company is one of hard work, striving for excellence, high expectations and pride. To be successful requires high energy and passion, with a desire to take on challenges and do what it takes to keep Leprino Foods at the top of its industry. The hard work encountered here proves to be worthwhile when considering that we work for a market leader with great financial security and long-term stability. We are extremely committed to quality and to customer service.

At Leprino Foods, we believe:

  • Exceptional customer service is the attitude of caring among all our employees that motivates them to go beyond traditional boundaries in order to facilitate the realization of our Vision.

  • Exceptional customer service involves serving others as each of us would like to be served.

  • Exceptional customer service must be pro-active, not reactive. It means anticipating a customer’s needs.

  • Exceptional customer service is not limited to external customers, it must also be extended to our internal customers, to fellow employees, to our suppliers, and to all other business contacts.

  • Exceptional customer service takes everyone’s efforts. One employee with a lack of effort can create poor customer service.

  • Exceptional customer service is fundamental to achieving our Vision. It is not a vision in and of itself.

  • Growth Opportunities and Leadership Development
    Employees of Leprino Foods Company will agree that most positions and departments offer a high level of growth to the employees. This comes from both promotional advancement and personal growth opportunities. In addition, we offer an extensive list of training opportunities to all levels of employees. This can range from PC training and operator training all the way to leadership training and ways to further develop the competencies possessed by successful leaders.

    Mission and Philosophies
    Our mission and philosophy at Leprino Foods is to establish, through our actions, an unparalleled standard of excellence in people, products, and service while increasing our market share and perpetuating a healthy company that appropriately rewards all our efforts and investments. We believe that the health and longevity of our company can best be achieved through an uncompromising commitment by all of us to Leprino Quality as a way of life. Leprino Quality is exemplified by an attitude of continuous improvement in each of the following areas:

  • Product Quality: Operating our facilities in a neat, clean, orderly, and well-maintained fashion while producing distinctively superior quality cheese and whey products that add value to our customers’ businesses.

  • Customer Service: Perpetuating a proactive customer-centered attitude among all of us, which produces distinguished service in every aspect of our internal and external customer relationships.

  • Leadership and Innovation: Breaking traditional barriers and constantly expanding the horizons of our industry through bold leadership in product and process technology which continues to create new standards of excellence in product value.

  • People: Perpetuating a fulfilling and safe work environment that:

  • Values the importance of clean, organized, and well-maintained facilities,

  • Encourages the involvement of everyone in the business problem-solving, decision-making process, while not tolerating Company politics,

  • Fosters a willingness to innovate and stretch personal and collective boundaries,

  • Provides equal opportunity for personal and leadership development,

  • Promotes company pride though an unselfish, teamwork-driven attitude among all of us,

  • Offers economic satisfaction through the recognition and rewarding of individual and collective contributions, and

  • Maintains a focus on safety in all aspects of our business.

  • Ethics: Conducting our affairs and nurturing our relationships with customers, suppliers, co-workers, mutual interest groups and others in a forthright and ethical manner.

  • Citizenship: Recognizing our responsibilities toward, and encouraging involvement in, the communities of which we are a part, while respecting individual freedom of choice, and maintaining the highest standard of environmental and regulatory compliance.

  • Teamwork
    As an employee of Leprino Foods, you will have a chance to make a difference by joining one of the many Leprino Employee Involvement Teams and Task Forces.

    We all benefit from these teams by having employees bring better problem solving, new ideas, and efficiencies to the Company. Team members benefit personally as well. Through involvement in one or more of these teams, members enhance their knowledge of Leprino’s operations and get the opportunity to work with people outside their normal contacts, doing tasks outside their normal scope of work. Team members also learn basic tools to help identify and work through problems – tools that will help them every day in their job and their personal life.

    Community Involvement
    Each of our locations has employees active in the communities they work and reside in. Leprino Foods is involved either by sponsorship, participating in, or donating to many worthwhile events.

    College Recruiting

    The Leprino Foods Company College Recruiting Program is our initiative to recruit top talent from universities nationwide in search of future leaders for our Production Division. Preferred candidates will possess the desire and ability to accept a trainee position in any of our ten production facilities nationwide.

    Our ability to grow and achieve our goals is driven by our ability to attract, develop, and retain world-class people who thrive in our environment. The objective of the Leprino Foods Management Trainee Program is to train and develop recent college graduates in the areas of Production , Supply Chain, Maintenance and Engineering .

    The short-term goal of the program is to develop the trainee into an effective supervisor. The mid-to-long term goal is to create a pool of high-performing candidates for future Production Management positions.

    Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer