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Employer Quick Look

Randstad Engineering

Randstad Engineering is the engineering and technical division of Randstad
Professionals.  Our recruiters identify your strengths, your unique
talents and what you want to achieve to place you in organizations that make
the most of your skills—so you can have true impact. With degreed engineers
from a wide variety of backgrounds and expert technical recruiters among our
staff, you’ll have specialists who understand the industry landscape working
with you.

We have a wide network of client relationships, including direct and
sometimes exclusive communication with hiring managers. That means we have
access to a range of opportunities that you’ll only find by working with us, so
we can connect you to the positions that fit you, your expertise, your
aspirations. Our service is free to the job seeker. Our clients pay us to
source and screen people like you: people who boost productivity and propel our
clients’ forward in the market. Apply for entry into our network and we can
match you with a company that complements your personal tastes and your career