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Employer Quick Look

St. Vincent Health System

St. Vincent has embodied a spirit of charity, love of the poor, and a sincere desire to end suffering from its inception as "The Charity Hospital" in 1888 to the current era of managed care and rapid change in health care.
Reverence Create a workplace that fosters community and respects the inherent dignity of every person. Create a workplace that promotes employee participation and ensures safety and well being. Integrity Exercise good faith and honesty in all dealings and transactions. Provide accurate and truthful information in all transactions. Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest. Compassion Exercise responsible stewardship of both human and financial resources. Maintains and protect the confidentiality of patient, employee and organizational information. Excellence Maintain a high level of knowledge and skill among all who serve in order to provide a high quality of care.
The mission of St. Vincent Health System and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is to nurture the healing ministry of the Church by bringing it new life, energy and viability in the 21st Century.

Fidelity to the Gospel urges us to emphasize human dignity and social justice as we move toward the creation of healthier communities.
St. Vincent Human Resources 300 Werner Street, Hot Springs, AR 71913 (501)622-1936