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10 jobs for extroverts

AlinaDizik, Special to CareerBuilder

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When it comes to finding work, most extroverts are eager to land a job that doesn't actually feel like one. To find the perfect fit, think about the job qualities that are most important to you. Whether it's a collegial working environment, teamwork possibilities or an informal office atmosphere, there are many positions that can interest an extrovert.

Not sure where to look? Here are 10 jobs that are a fit for outgoing personalities:

Human resources specialist

Average annual salary*: $63,176

Some extroverts may thrive in a busy HR department. The job requires plenty of mingling with job candidates and dealing with day-to-day staffing needs. Making hiring decisions also requires a keen sense of emotional intelligence, which is common for those with top-notch people skills. Human resources specialists also get the chance to delve into the inner workings of other departments like finance or marketing.


Average annual salary: $51,293

Many extroverts crave an approving audience and that's exactly what acting entails. Actors are drawn by the energy of their fellow actors and need to work hard at maintaining a network. Some actors end up pursuing more lucrative careers while maintaining their valuable people skills.

Public relations specialist

Average annual salary: $59,970

Responding to media requests or working on press campaigns requires an outgoing personality. Extroverts can easily build the long-term relationships required for the job and will enjoy the constant energy of working with people. Maintaining a large network of contacts also helps public relations specialists succeed at their jobs.

Sales manager

Average annual salary: $107,475

A sales-related position is almost entirely customer-oriented and a perfect fit for extroverts who crave constant interaction. Anything from organizing in-store promotions to educating customers and running the sales floor are part of the job. Extroverts who enjoy taking risks will also like the commission pay structure of some sales manager positions.

Emergency medical technician

Average annual salary: $39,303

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Being an EMT is a physically and mentally demanding position. EMTs frequently use their interpersonal skills to excel in stressful situations.

Physical therapist

Average annual salary: $73,235

Working in health care and seeing direct results from the work can be great fit for those with outgoing personalities. Interacting with patients can create a fun atmosphere that's also rewarding. Physical therapists must also possess a great deal of patience during the healing process and understand how to deal with setbacks and frustrations.

Financial adviser

Average annual salary: $81,072

Financial advisers who love working with people may have an easier time getting clients because of the communication skills required for the job. At the same time, advisers need to understand each client's threshold for risk, along with the unique financial demands. Being able to explain the different financial instruments in simple terms is another part of the job.


Average annual salary: $53,550

Solving conflicts between parties can be a great job for extroverts. Looking objectively at both side of a disagreement and helping individuals or companies come to one conclusion can be a position that's both challenging and fulfilling.

Education administrator

Average annual salary: $93,298

Working in elementary and secondary education, an education administrator deals with policy, staffing and student behavior. Administrators must know how to communicate with parents, staff and other members of the local community. Working in a field that has so many moving parts, successful administrators frequently lean on their communication skills.

Dental hygienist

Average annual salary: $73,031

Communicating directly with dentists and patients, dental hygienists help to promote good oral health. Hygienists enjoy working with different people and know how to meet their unique dental needs. Extroverts appreciate the ability to build long-term relationships with patients and the flexibility of the work environment.

*Average national salary from

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Last Updated: 29/06/2011 - 3:33 PM

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