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The Benefits of Part-time Jobs

Anthony Balderrama, writer

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Part-time jobs are all around us, yet few people think about them. In all the talk of the economy and layoffs, part-time work gets ignored. Conversations concerning jobs rarely take into account people who don't work a standard 40-hour work week.

The definition of a part-time worker, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is anyone who works between one and 34 hours each week. Ever industry employs part-time workers in some capacity. Professions in the administrative, retail and customer service fields are often the first ones you think of when discuss part-time works. While those part-time positions are some of the most popular, many therapists, dentists and pharmacists choose to work less than 35 hours each week.

Anyone with a part-time job understands that these positions aren't just for teenagers saving up cash to buy a car or college students who can't work 40 hours a week. (If you do fall into one of those two categories, however, a part-time job is a great solution for you.) According to the BLS, more than 27.2 million Americans work part time. Workers between the ages of 25 and 54 are the largest amount (12.8 million) of part-time workers. The amount of women working part time is nearly twice that of men, with 9.7 million male part-time workers compared to 17.5 million females.

In fact, part-time jobs offer several benefits few people consider:
· Flexible schedules
· A chance to learn more about an industry before pursuing a full-time career in it
· Additional income for workers who work one or more other jobs
· Often more available positions than full-time positions

To give you an idea of what part-time positions are available to you in various industries, here are six companies hiring part-time workers right now: 

Industry: Sales
Sample job titles: AVON independent sales representative
Location: Nationwide

Daymon Interactions
Industry: Retail, food, consumer products
Sample job titles: Sales advisor, shift supervisors
Location: Florida
Industry: Online media
Sample job titles: Writer, photographer
Location: Nationwide 

Industry: Newborn photography
Sample job titles: Newborn photographer/part-time sales representative
Location: Nationwide

Panera Bread
Industry: Quick casual restaurant
Sample job titles: Managers, customer service associates, bakers, catering coordinators, drivers
Location: Nationwide

Pre-Paid Legal Services
Industry: Legal, sales, marketing, insurance
Sample job titles: Junior associate, senior associate, manager
Location: Florida, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, Kansas

Anthony Balderrama is a writer and blogger for and its job blog, The Work Buzz. He researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues. Follow him on Twitter at

Last Updated: 24/08/2010 - 5:26 PM

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