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10 jobs you can get with an MBA


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Top graduates with Master of Business Administration degrees used to have the world at their fingers. Until the last few years, the opportunities for these students in finance, business, government and the nonprofit world were seemingly endless. Then the financial crisis hit and even MBA students were affected.

Things may be turning around, however. According to U.S. News and World Report, the job outlook for MBA graduates has improved from last year, although the search could still take some time.

If you are starting your search, here are 10 jobs worth researching:

1. Marketing Manager

What they do: Monitor trends for new products and services and work to promote an organization's products and services.

What they earn: $108,580

2. Financial Analyst

What they do: Asses the value of stocks, bonds, commodities and other investments and advise people and organizations on what moves to make.

What they earn: $73,150

3. Chief Executive Officer

What they do: Establishe an organization's goals and policies, meet with other executives and oversee budgets and resources.

What they earn: $158,560

4. Trader

What they do: Live a risky business life buying and selling stocks, bonds and options.

What they earn: $96,000 (Average starting salary.)

5.  Management Analyst/Consultant

What they do: Help organizations of all sizes with restructuring, eliminating duplicate jobs and developing strategies for new markets.

What they earn: $73,570

6. Insurance Sales Agent

What they do: Sell life, property, health, automo­tive and other types of insurance, working as an independent broker or for an insurance company.

What they earn: $45,430

7. Sales Manager

What they do: Establish sales quotas, territories and goals, train sales representatives and monitor performance.

What they earn: $60,730 to $82,880 (Median salaries for non-retail sales managers.)

8. Hotel General Manager

What they do: Manage the general operations of the hotel, including setting room rates and establishing credit policy.

What they earn: Dependent on hotel size and sales volume.

9. Accountant

What they do: Analyze financial information for companies, individual clients, governments, ensure financial records are kept and taxes are paid on time.
What they earn:

10. Personal Financial Planner

What they do: Assess the financial needs of individuals, set goals, and assist them with investments and tax laws.

What they earn: $69,050

Note: Earnings listed represent the most recent average or median salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and, unless otherwise noted.

Last Updated: 10/12/2010 - 3:34 PM

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