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30 Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour

Anthony Balderrama, writer

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Imagine someone walking up to you at the top of every hour and handing you a $20 bill. You'd be earning approximately the same amount of money that the average American does.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national mean for hourly wages is $20.44.

That said, wouldn't it be nice to earn more than the average? Not that a $20.44/hour gig is anything to sneeze at, but a bigger paycheck is never a bad thing. At least it's fun to daydream about having more money in your checking account. That's why we play the lottery, after all.

We've put together a list of jobs that pay at least $10 more than the national average just to give you an idea of how some people are earning their nice paychecks. Indulge your curious side and take a look at these 30 jobs that pay between $30 and $39 per hour.

1. Post-secondary communications teachers teach courses on different types of communications (journalism and advertising, for example) at universities and colleges.
Hourly pay: $39.96

2. Post-secondary education and library science teachers teach education and library science courses at universities, colleges and other higher education institutions.
Hourly pay: $39.91

3. Purchasing managers make purchases on behalf of organizations in order to get needed supplies at the best rates.
Hourly pay: $39.80

4. Environmental engineers study environmental problems, such as air and water pollution, and design solutions that governments and the general population can put into practice.
Hourly pay: $39.72

5. Post-secondary chemistry teachers educate college and university students on chemistry and related subjects.
Hourly pay: $39.47

6. Animal scientists study the life cycle and related biological issues of farm animals.
Hourly pay: $39.02

7. Chemical engineers are involved in the production of chemicals and in trouble-shooting any problems that arise in their manufacturing.
Hourly pay: $38.88

8. Industrial production managers oversee the planning and production of manufactured goods.
Hourly pay: $38.60

9. Physician assistants work under a physician's guidance to provide health-care services to patients.
Hourly pay: $37.84

10. Medical and health services managers oversee and manage the business needs of health care facilities or departments.
Hourly pay: $37.82

11. Post-secondary education administrators are responsible for managing the everyday operations of educational facilities.
Hourly pay: $37.51

12. Operations research analysts study issues relating to management and operations through engineering and other scientific methods.
Hourly pay: $36.57

13. Post-secondary art, drama and music teachers teach courses in their respective fields at universities and colleges.
Hourly pay: $36.50

14.  Food scientists and technologists analyze the composition and properties of food.
Hourly pay: $35.43

15. Nuclear technicians work with scientists on research and experiments relating to nuclear physics.
Hourly pay: $35.23

16. Construction managers oversee the building of construction projects, from the planning stages to the budgeting.
Hourly pay: $34.77

17. Set and exhibit designers construct sets for theater, television and film productions.
Hourly pay: $34.16

18. Market research analysts conduct research on different markets to estimate the business potential for an organization's marketing and promotional efforts.
Hourly pay: $33.79

19. Civil engineers design and oversee the construction of large-scale public  works, such as bridges, dams and airports.
Hourly pay: $33.06

20. Nuclear medicine technologists work with radioactive materials and equipment used in procedures related to nuclear medicine.
Hourly pay: $32.56

21. Architects design buildings, homes and other structures for various clients.
Hourly pay: $31.61

22. Speech-language pathologists work with patients who have difficulty speaking, which can be the result of hearing loss, physical conditions or language barriers.
Hourly pay: $30.71

23. Chemists research and analyze different substances, often through experiments.
Hourly pay: $31.35

24. Training and development managers plan and organize a company's training for staff.
Hourly pay: $30.63

25. Diagnostic medical sonographers are responsible for ultrasounds that physicians order for patients.
Hourly pay: $30.45

26. Medical scientists research diseases and their effects on humans in order to understand how they operate and how they can be treated.
Hourly pay: $30.35

27. Kindergarten teachers (except special education) work in elementary schools instructing kindergarten classes.
Hourly pay: $30.13

28. Technical writers compose documents and communications that contain highly technical information but are easily understood by nontechnical readers.
Hourly pay: $30.08

29. Ship engineers supervise the operations of a ship, from equipment maintenance to electrical issues.
Hourly pay: $30.04

30. Dental hygienists perform some dental care on patients and instruct them on other preventive care habits.
Hourly pay: $30.01

*Salary information based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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